Is this the 9gag post server?

It sure is


The server is laggy fix it :angry:

That’s not a question.. But yes. Due to the popularity of the 9gag post the servers are having trouble catching up. We will be upgrading the servers as soon as possible. Be patient please :blush:


How to claim my house????

You will have to craft a golden shovel, Right click the shovel on the ground on each corner of your house and it will claim it for you :blush:


It said I didn’t have enough blocks to claim my house what do I do?

You can buy new blocks using /buyclaimblocks. Each block is 5 minecraft dollars.


How do I earn money??

Your best bet is probably mining, or scavenging. Most ores have a worth which you can check by using the /worth command. For example if you find a diamond and hold it in your hand. You can do /worth and see its worth 200 minecraft dollars. If you then do /sell hand 1, you will sell one of whatever is in your hand and get that money.  You can also do /shop and sell whatever item is in there.


I need to find open un-built area where do I go?

Your best bet is using the /warps to travel around and find a spot. Thought here is a world border of 10.000 by 10.000 so you cant get further than that.


Where is the shop?

The shop isn’t a location, it’s a command. Use /shop to access it.


Can I get a rank?

If you’re capable enough, sure! We will have applications open at times on the forums, just check that out :blush:

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