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Saph Owner

Before we start, the choice was made by Legishh, a head-admin not the owner. The Owner is me.
Other than that we have a ban appeal template that i’d like to request you to use next time so all the proper information is available to us.

The swamp mining exploit is very well known, common. and easy to identify. Your argument against that “if someone were to strip mine right to diamonds then it’s proof they are x-raying.” immediately becomes faulty the moment its multiple stripmines adjacent to each other all leading over to diamonds. Proof:

Also in the last picture which shows how you “covered up” your tracks (which becomes faulty when we have blockloggers,) shows us you were aware of these repercussions and knew this wasn’t allowed. Yet you continued to do it.

The server has rules, and we expect you to follow them. Your disagreement is allowed. But breaking the rules is not.
You are more than welcome to play in a server where diamonds become as much worth as dirt, but that isn’t here.

You will not be appealed of this ban and thus your request is denied.
This rule has been active since the moment the exploit became public.
Your claims about us not being able to ban you simply because there might not be a rule YET is also a destructive mindset i reccomend you to stray away from.
Our choice is always final. and we can deem anything as exploitive if we want. Abuse a system instead of report it and expect another ban.
On top of that your claim about my server having the “worst admin and mods” ever seems highly subjective and is an opinion you may carry, but is in no way fact. and will in no way help your appeal.
Take a breather, a chill pill if you will. and possibly try appealing again. with the right template this time.

Have a good evening and enjoy sitting out your time
Kind regards,