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      Welcome to the official 1.17 RBMC server reset!

      What!? So this world was not the real reset?

      No. We said this was going to be a temporary world and it was indeed a temporary world.

      The entire staff team thanks you for playing and sticking around during this transition. We know it’s frustrating to start over, so in order to thank you for participating in the 1.17 beta, we will be offering a limited time only, super special thank you \KIT when the new server drops.

      It’s not much but it’s our way of saying thanks! A moment of silence for the worlds we lost…

      With that out of the way, lets talk about what we’ve been doing and what we have planned! It’s far too much to announce on discord however, so here is a video and forum link with all the info!

      1. New world with better spawn:
      • Our great team of builders have been working tirelessly to make the best-looking spawn we’ve ever seen. Rest assured, the new spawn won’t feel like Mother Russia when you join. 😀
      • We will also have a dedicated market area again! We will have multiple build zones with special rules that apply to each so please be aware of this.
      • Please do us a favor – If you see a member of our builder team join the world, be sure to say »Good job« to them because they worked their asses off!
      1. Economy Changes:
        1. Shopkeeper NPC – A travelling NPC stumbled upon this world, and he liked it so much he decided to stay. He will buy any non-farmable item and sell most things to you to help you get started. Rumor has it this NPC also sells rare and illegal items so look out for that.We will be continuously monitoring the economy and adjusting prices if necessary; please bring any exploits to our attention immediately.FYI – The Shopkeeper does not mean player shops are dead. Try selling your goods for less and buying for more and you’ll easily put the Shopkeeper out of business!
        2. New Auction House NPC – The Shopkeeper’s best friend was also going around the world trying to make a living. He saw the Auction House plugin we used to have and decided it had to go, so he destroyed it and made a new, better one; now you can bid on an item like a real auction!! Let the bidding wars commence! 😊FYI – There will be a dedicated zone nearby the market for the Auction House. There are fee’s on each item depending on the price and duration of the auction. You can also change between a standard auction and a “Buy it Now” auction for quick buys.
        3. Villager Curing Disabled – The villager union assembled and decided they are sick of players infecting them with the Type Z virus! They would rather die than to give players an unfair discount.Some of you may be upset with this decision, but villager trades have always been exploitable and broken. Controlling this will allow us to provide a more balanced economy and make emeralds far more valuable.


      1. Jobs Changes:
        1. Hunter Job is Back! – This used to be bugged but is now enabled. You get paid for killing mobs that spawn naturally, so spawner farms wont-work.
        2. More Quests!! – We’ve added 3 more quests for each job and quintupled the previous reward. Earn up to $750 per day doing your quests. /jobs quests
        3. Balancing – We have nerfed some jobs and improved others. Each job should ideally feel balanced and just as good as the next. Pick the job you do the most with no worries!


      1. Shop changes
        1. Literally all our ranks have been upgraded! Check them out in our shop:
        2. We added 2 new monthly ranks with some SERIOUS benefits, check them out here:


      1. Other Changes:
        1. Player Rank Overhaul –
        2. Diamond Salvaging Enabled – Another benefit of disabling villager curing is that now we can enable diamond salvaging! Have a chest full of diamond gear you’ll never use? Level up that Salvaging skill (MCMMO) and you can break them down into a diamond that can be sold for cash!
        3. Netheroof Open! – At long last you can hop on the nether roof. Tezcro was started to get a bit pissed off because Legishh banned a lot of players trying to get there. So he punched a hole in the Nether roof, like a boss. Keep in mind the same rules for farms apply for nether roof, no lag machines! Keep those farms humble.
        4. Vote Shop Expanded – /vote shop got some new rewards. What are they? Claim blocks, diamonds and every crate key. We may soon offer a paid rank with vote points as well, so vote! It really helps the server when you do.
        5. Player Warps – Player warps are similar to normal warps, but they are made by players. How? Well you need money to make one, then anybody can teleport to your base or farm whenever they please!
        6. Minecraft Chat in Discord – Your favorite channel is back! You can now talk to players on the server via discord so you won’t miss a single thing happening on the server. Neat, right?


      1. Backpacks – We are sorry to inform you that the Expanded Enderchest plugin we had won’t work anymore. To replace this we will now have a backpack. It is basically a mini-shulker that fits in your inventory and goes everywhere with you.
      2. Loot Boxes Revamped! – We condensed/improved our crates to cut out the bulk. We will now only have the MegaBox, Monthly, Daily, Beasts, and a Player Heads Box.
      1. Oh The Dungeons you’ll go! – Dungeons are back! Have fun exploring and try not to die!
        1. FYI – The spawners are no longer obtainable with silk touch, and the dungeon spawners can still break.
      1. McMMO – Mcmmo got a small tweak. Now instead of there being a straight line in lvl gain, there is a small curve. So that lvl 1000 skill won’t be obtained in the 1st week.
      2. Diamond exploit – Since we can’t control the diamond generation in swamps and rivers, we decided you, the players can mine for them. Will you get banned? NO. Are we ok with it? YES.
      3. Vote Shop – Vote shop got some new rewards. What are they? Claim blocks, diamonds and every crate key. Also a sneaky VIP rank if you are detriment enough. ;3


      Closing updates:

      1. A special sale has started in our shop! 30% off everything for two weeks!
      2. A new, newserverupgrade reward has been added with the following perks for all people, in the next two weeks! The kit includes:
        1. 250 cash
        2. A special pickaxe
        3. A megabox key
        4. 32 oak logs
        5. 64 cobblestone
        6. 150 claimblock money
        7. And a super treat; 2 weeks of free super subscription. Check out the benefits in the store:


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      somehow that went thru twice, and idk how

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