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      Red Firebreak

      We are SO exited to get started! So without further-ado, here are the 1.18 patchnotes!

      • NEW SPAWN
        • The builders have been VERY hard at work, with over 80 hours of play time to get the new spawn UP AND READY
      • Upgrade to server version 1.18.1
        • This is a massive one! We are now up to date to the latest release of Minecraft! One of our fastest transitions to a new server version EVER due to the quick updates of the required plugins! Get exited everyone!
      • Custom world generation
        • As we all know, 1.18.1 brings many new world generation tweaks to the caves, world generation and everything around the player! However, we decided to make it EVEN MORE awesome, and throw in even more custom biomes! Do not worry however, because there’s still plenty of “vanilla” 1.18 world to go around!
      • Community goals
        • We’re introducing a new feature aswell! Gone are the days of a luxurious spawn from the get-go! Just like you, the server can now ‘progress’ with players in the form of community goals. A community goal can involve chopping down wood for a lumberjack, so he can start selling wood to players! Or an upgrade to the docks, so more trade ships can bring in new trades! We are very exited to start including the players in spawn-builds in this way! Look for the community-goal-building in the market, across the main fountain for more information and to participate in the community goals!
      • World download
        • The world download will be prepared and uploaded this week! Please allow us some time to get everything ready!
      • Kits & Crates
        • For the start of the server we have disabled kits and some crates to prevent an “early” advantage of players. We will use this time to rework the crates into something awesome!
      • End
        • The end has been disabled for a future event. We will announce the details shortly! This is to give ‘casual’ players a bit more slack 😊
      • Plugin tweaks:
        • MCMMO
          • MCMMO levels have been buffed, it will now be approximately 50% easier to gain levels.
            • We feel like the curve was a bit too steep. So we decided to lower the threshold of XP needed to gain levels 🙂
          • Pet blocks
            • Pet blocks will now listen to the player. I hope.
          • Angelchest
            • We upgraded our “deathchest” or angelchest plugin. You will now get more descriptive messages and fancier animations. Yay death!
          • TAB
            • We now display more information in the tab menu, this helps a lot to determine server lag, or player lag
          • Dynmap
            • The dynmap has been cleared and installed. Please give it some time to render all the new chunks of the world. This could take up to a week!
          • Anticheat
            • We upgraded our anticheat! 🙂
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