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      Tim AllenTim Allen

      Hello, I am 21 years of age. I’m pretty sure I have more than 25 hours played. I also believe that I am an active part of the community because I set up a nation and got people to work together to extend and build upon it. I also always talk to everyone and I don’t have any offenses to my name. My name is Tim Allen I am from New York mainly a small town called Waddington which is near St.lawerance and Canada. I was just looking for a server to create a nation like some SMP and create some kind of community that people can discord call or talk to on and create funny videos from it or stream it. My ingame name is SkilledSphere21. Some contribution I might be able to add to your staff team is I can build simple builds and help people out. I’m not sure exactly what being a staff member means but If it means I get creative I won’t abuse it by giving people stuff Ill just build structures and simple things. I’d say I’m somewhat known to the community.
      My email is [email protected]

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      Hello Tim,
      Reading your application I see you have a confusion on what does a staff member actually has to do. General stuff staff has to do is being helpfull in the comunity when they have any questions or/and need help dealing with players that have broken the rules or are causing trouble on the server. You seem to have an interest in building so maybe you would like to apply for the builder role on the server? Let us know what you think.
      -Legishh 🙂

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        Tim AllenTim Allen

        Ello Legishh, uh sure I can be a builder too. I am not the best builder but I would be down to try if you think I would be best.
        Thanks, Skilled 🙂

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