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      Hello, My name Is Max (aka Addiram). And I am 12 (now yes 12 is pretty young but please do not say no just yet), and I’m from Canada! I really love to help and talk to anybody and new people. I’ve been on the server for about a year or two, and made some really good friends online. I am currently just going to highschool.
      I really love the community, and that is what made me keep playing on RBMC. The staff members are really nice and helpful, and I’d like to be apart of that!
      My username in MC is Addiram.
      My discord username is maxtheawesome30#2651.
      I am quite active on the server, and have a play time of about 20-30 hours (I would have gotten more if I didn’t forgot my login stuff lol). I like to help people with whatever they need help with, and look out for griefers or players who are being toxic and just help anyone in any shape or form.
      I don’t exactly remembering joining but I got to know the mod and admins really really well they are some nice people and a lot of nice people, quite a bit of people know me.

      I really hope to get accepted and be apart of the amazing RMBC staff team, but I’ll respect whatever your end decision is.

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