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      Hi, my name is Jonathan Feeke, I come from the Netherlands and my day of birth is 11 july 2005 (so I’m 16 Years old). I play soccer/football and I’m in the fifth of the pre-university education.

      I think the server is interesting,because it’s a server that I really like to play on myself. On most servers you almost only have toxic children playing on the server, but on this server you don’t have very often toxic people. I also thought that I would not like such a money system on a minecraft server, but because I now understand this system, I think it’s an extra nice addition to the server.

      My in game minecraft name is Tijmoliebol

      My Discord name is Johnythan#1553

      I don’t think I can do things for the server that no one of you can do, but I will just be a helper that can help with something when someone needs help. And I’m (especially in the weekends) very often online, also on the times when sometimes no other staff is online.

      I think the most people know me for a bit, because I’m often online and I often speak to people with private messages or just in the chat. And Some plagers know me more, because I already help some people sometimes.

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      Hey my name is Benjamin you can call me Ben or so. I am born on 24 of July 2008 so I’m 13.
      I want to be helper because I like playing and helping

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      Saph Owner

      Hi Jonathan, sorry for the insanely late reply. our bad. Though we have come with good news. we’d like to accept you into our staff team as a helper. Congratulations! Make sure to hop in game sometime to receive your roles.
      Kind regards,

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