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      i wanna apply for helper on the minecraft server, im Donnie and i live in sweden im 13 years old. my intrests on this minecraft server is to have fun and help other pepole(idk how to spell) to have fun like me and i just like playing too, its a good server and i give it a 10 out of a 10. my ingame name is uselessmp3 but i got hacks recently so my name now is blacksemotions(please call me useless). my discord is: useless#1192 feel free to add me:). if i get the rank helper i will help more to tell new pepole what to do and what they cant do. i think alot of pepole know me siens im one the server every sigle day. (my total ig time is 5.85 days witch is more than 25 hours if that matters)

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