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      Max van der MeijdenMax van der Meijden

      Who are you and where are you from. Tell us a bit about yourself:

      Hi my name is Max and iam 23 old. Iam form The Hague in the Netherlands.
      I have been working for two years as a work planner in the tachnical branch of horticulture, where my main activity is making 3D designs of machines.

      What interests you in our server?:

      First of all a nice server to just play on. But later i became invloved in a group (Swiss) where i was quite active in building and getting resources. I liked the idea to help people and make friends on the server.

      What was never the intension in the beginning

      What is your In-game MC name?


      What is your discord name? (plus discriminator [#1234])


      What contributions can you add to the builder team?

      Extra creativity and a lot of hard work for a project if we start on it as a team.
      Also i’m a bit addicted to gaming so i won’t give up soon.

      Please add some pictures of YOUR builds! (or add some coords to your minecraft base)

      I haven’t built that much on the server we’re playing now. But you can have a look (1416, -348)
      On the old server it was Swiss I have some pictures you can ask for them on discord.

      How well known are you in our community?

      In Swiss i think i’m well known the rest of the community i dont know

      Anything you wanna add?

      I don’t necessarily need a builder rank. I would like to help create a beautiful server that people look up to and enjoy coming to.
      I’m also pretty good on the road with worldedit. JSPRGaming knows me from swiss maybe he can inform you more about me.

      In addition to my work, I also do a lot of volunteer work and I also follow a study to develop myself better. As a result, I may have periods where I am less online.

      I like to hear from you guys,

      Max (Killer_Grandma)

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      Hi Killer_Grandma!

      Since we’ve already accepted you through our discord, I will close this application. Welcome to the team!

      Greetings, Legishh

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