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      Rules of the Discord server

      1. No discrimination or disrespecting
      2. Don’t be racist
      3. Dont join with an alt acc without permission
      4. Only use English in the chat
      5. No spamming
      6. Keep your NSFW in the right channels. This includes NSFW memes in #nsfw
      7. Ignoring a moderator/admin/owner’s request
      8. Don’t be mingy or toxic
      9. Don’t annoy other people with sounds whilst in a voice channel (Earrape, Loud screaming, ‘Funny’ mic)
      10. Stay respectful and nice to others! Joking is (obviously) allowed but keep it respectful.
      11. Only advertise in the proper channel ( #advert-here )

      TIP: Don’t open links from people you don’t know. Not everyone is as trustworthy as you think

      Sidenote: If you don’t have permission to do something because of your role, that means you’re not allowed to do it

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