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    Rules of the RBC Discord :bulletpointred: = Ban :bulletpointorange: = Warning/Kick :bulletpointblue: = Decide punishment accordingly :bulletpointgreen: = Do this! :bulletpointgrey: = Tips

    :bulletpointred: No discrimination

    :bulletpointred: Don’t be racist

    :bulletpointred: Dont join with an alt acc without permission

    :bulletpointorange: Only English

    :bulletpointorange: No spamming

    :bulletpointorange: Keep your NSFW in the right channels. This includes NSFW memes in #nsfw

    :bulletpointorange: Ignoring a moderator/admin/owner’s request

    :bulletpointblue: NO FORTNITE. Playing this will result in a fortnite faggot role.

    :bulletpointblue: Being Mingy or toxic will get your punishment accordingly

    :bulletpointblue: No disrespect

    :bulletpointblue: Don’t do annoying sounds whilst in a voice channel (Earrape, Loud screaming)

    :bulletpointgreen: Stay respectful and nice to others! Joking is ofcourse allowed but keep it respectful

    :bulletpointgreen: Dont open links from people you dont know. Not everyone is as trustworthy as you think

    :bulletpointgreen: Only advertise in #advert-here


    :bulletpointgrey: If you don’t have permission to do something because of your role, that means you’re not allowed to do it

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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