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      Welcome to RBMC!


      The RBMC Staff members work hard to ensure our server is a fun and friendly environment for all players (including ourselves). We ask that players help us achieve this goal by following the rules and guidelines below.
      Our Golden Rule here is “Be Nice”. Maintaining a good server community is our primary goal as RBMC staff members. Please remember that this is a game. Be respectful; don’t rage or participate in drama. Don’t harass other players and be mindful of server conventions. If a staff member contacts you please listen and comply. We are only trying to help and usually we want to prevent someone (maybe you) from being banned.


      • Talk english in the main chat
        • If you want to talk a different language, please use /msg or create a party with MCMMO
      • Don’t be Toxic/Offensive/Mingy in Chat
        • We do not tolerate that behavior here.
      • No Client Mods/Exploits/Hacking
        • See below for more information.
      • No anti-afk measures – Macro’s / key combinations and other means of afk prevention are not allowed.
        • Leave some server resources for the rest of us 🙂
      • No Redstone Lag Machines/Massive Farms
        • See below for more information.
      • No Advertising/Spam
        • Do not flood chat or use it to advertise
      • Respect Staff Requests
        • Please listen to and respect all staff requests.
      • Stealing / Griefing is ALLOWED, but only OUTSIDE of claimed areas
        • Want your stuff to be safe? Use a GOLDEN SHOVEL to CLAIM your base!
        • Not enough claim blocks? Use /buyclaimblocks X (They are 0.5 each)
        • Claimed areas have PvP DISABLED!
      • PvP is always enabled
        • Safe zones are introduced (Spawn, market, etc)
        • Camping or baiting players is NOT allowed and will result in a ban
        • A killed player by PvP will drop items instead of spawning an angel chest
      • Staff will not help you with lost items if you die
        • They might, if they are nice. But do not harass staff about dying and losing your items

      Some extra tips about this world:

      • Spawners are NOT infinite, they have a 0.5% despawn chance
        • Spawners are MINEABLE with a silk touch pickaxe
        • Spawners are CRAFTABLE with iron fences and a spawn eggs (Surround the egg with iron fences)
        • There are many Custom Dungeons with special spawners (And loot)
      • You can create parties with MCMMO!
        • You’ll get benefits, a special party-chat and other features!
        • (You can talk different languages in this party chat!)
      • You can create save claims with a golden shovel
        • Buy more claims with /buyclaimblocks X
        • Get a free golden shovel with /kit goldenshovel
      • You can now have player warps!
        • Player warps are an expensive way of showing the world your awesome build.
        • A new player warp will costs 75.000
        • You can check all player warps with /pw

      In depth rules and explanation:

      Hacks/Exploits – Hacks, exploiting game mechanics, or client modifications (other than Optifine) are explicitly forbidden. Examples: (Macro’s, Forge, Lightloader, Flying hacks, speed hacks, x-ray hacks / texture packs, item duplication, nether-roofing, anything along these lines). This includes auto-clicking by features by ingame macro’s/key-combinations or other means.
      Chat: English only please! (excluding private or party messages). No advertising servers/websites/social media/mods in chat and do not flood chat with spam messages. Furthermore, we are not in the habit of policing chat, but some words and sentiments have no place in conversation other than to discriminate or inflame. Those intent on creating a toxic environment will be banned.
      Redstone Machines/Farms – All things in moderation. You do not need 20 double chests of Melon. Massive farms, excessive tnt, too many entities, etc can cause server lag. Players who create builds with the intent to lag or crash the server will be banned. If a farm or clock is identified as a source of lag then it will be subject to removal. All redstone clocks must have an “off switch” and should be turned off if you are AFK or not in the area. Do not use high-frequency clocks and we prefer you find ways to run your farms without them at all. Farms involving entity cramming (chicken/cow farms, minecarts, etc) cause more lag than most people realize. Please keep these farms humble. We understand this can be a gray area so please ask a staff member for guidance if you have any questions.
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