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      Red Firebreak

      What’s the IP?

      What version is the server on?

      How do I make money?
      Make money by doing /jobs join (job). You can list the jobs with /jobs browse, and may join 3 jobs at a time. You can also create a shop at the market, at /warp market.

      How do I get keys?
      Daily Keys can be obtained through voting, with /vote or /voteall, you can also check out these links on the forum page here: Link to vote sites

      Other lootcrate keys are available to buy with ingame currency at /warp adminshop
      Or you can buy them with real money at Our shop

      How do I get more claim blocks?
      Claim blocks are obtained through playtime, or can be bought with /buyclaimblocks [amount]

      How can I apply for staff?
      You can send an application here: Link to application forum. This will then be reviewed under all staff members. Please use the template provided in the sticky posts.

      How do I add people to my claim?
      Use /trust (user) to fully add people to your claim. You may want to only add users to use only containers in your claim with /containertrust (user)

      What are the server rules?
      If you want to know the rules, you received a rule book when you joined the server. Lost this book? The command /rules will show all of them!

      I am lagging help!
      Connections problems? Try using a VPN, some user have reported that this makes the connection more stable.
      FPS problems? Try these tips! Open the settings menu and try the following:
      – Lower your render distance
      – Cap your framerate around a framerate that you just reach (check what fps you consistently make by pressing f3 while playing. FPS shows top left
      – Put “Graphics” to “Fast”
      – Disable smooth lighting
      – Disable animations

      If this does not help, you can try to download and install the Optifine mod. There are many tutorials out there how, have a quick google search 🙂

      I wanna teleport to a random spot in the world, how do i do this?
      At spawn there is an RTP portal to teleport to a random spot. You can also do the command: /rtp

      My friend has joined the server but we can’t find each other. How do we meet?
      If you want your friend to come to you have your friend type /tpa [YourUsername] it will give you a message that when you type /tpaccept your friend will teleport to you. You can also type this yourself and put your friends username to teleport to him. You can also do /tphere [FriendUsername] and have them /tpaccept to teleport them over to you.

      I got griefed! what now?
      Report the grief to any staff member, They will make sure the grief gets inspected and the griefer will get banned!
      – Did your grief happen in an area that you HAVE NOT claimed?
      Then you will not be reimbursed for your items. But the griefer will still get banned.
      – Did your grief happen by someone trusted inside your claim?
      These kinds of mistakes can happen, make sure to untrust the griefer in your claim. And check if a higher staff member can roll back your base. The griefer will still get banned.

      If you found a broken base not owned by you and suspect this is because of a griefer, don’t hesitate to still report this to staff members

      I want to trade an item for money without a shop. How?
      Make a verbal deal with the other player, have this player use the command /pay [amount] to send you money. Always hold up your end of the deal, taking money and not giving the item, or if you give the item but they dont pay is counted as stealing. Which is a bannable offense. Report any player not completing transactions and staff will make sure to take action.

      Want a safe way to trade? Best option is to STILL make a shop then.

      When are the discounts on the webshop?
      We don’t publicly announce sales in advance. But these sales are common and mostly come on events, holidays and such! They will come and go at random times, so make sure to follow the discord where we announce our sales!

      How do I disable/enable the server resourcepack?
      From the Minecraft home screen go to Multiplayer. If you’ve added our server to your server list, select our server and press Edit. This will open a screen with a couple settings.
      Select Server Resource Packs: To either Enabled or Disabled depending on what you want.

      Can I download the resourcepack for personal use. Or download it so i dont need to load it everytime I join?
      You can download the texture pack here: Link to texture pack forum page

      If you disable resourcepack loading (previous FAQ) and use this downloaded. you wont need to wait on the loading screen everytime you join and save time in the long run
      Please note that you will have to do this every time we update the resource pack. We recommend leaving the auto-texture pack setting enabled.

      My ping is really high.. why?
      Keep in mind that our server is based in the Netherlands, and thus your ping relies on the connection you have towards the Netherlands.
      As we’ve also noticed alot of our playerbase is from America too now, it is becoming more and more common to have multiple players with higher ping.
      I can assure you this does not come from our end.

      Another factor is the general internet speed you are able to achieve. If you have a 100mbit(12.5mbps) speed at your house. you should be able to play on the server perfectly fine from anywhere on the world (and with even higher speeds even more so). If your internet package is considerably lower. it starts depending on your connection to the Netherlands again. If you live in the Netherlands, or any of the Dutch adjacent countries. you aren’t so much reliant on faster internet speed, your ping will most of the time be decent and you will most probably not even need more than 10mbit(1.25mbps)

      Are you still unsure why you are having lag? Do a speedtest on speedtest.net, and send the results in our discord! Plenty of people have experience with this matter and can probably help you out (or determine what the problem is).

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