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      Who are you and where are you from. Tell us a bit about yourself:
      My name is Denis. I am 19 years old and I will turn 20 this September. I started playing Minecraft when I was 10 or 11 years old. In my free time I work with PCs and 3D printing (I am currently studying to be a carpenter).

      What interests you in our server?:
      I was interested in this server how all the players are friendly and like to help each other out (especially mods) and I would also like to be part of this group that helps players when they need it.

      What is your In-game MC name?
      My Minecraft name is deni12374

      What contributions can you add to the staff team?
      I can add a variety of funny jokes or shocking facts that I bet you haven’t heard of yet. I can also add a little help in server maintenance to ease the burden on the current IT manager or managers. I can also help make very complicated redstone machines that take a tremendous amount of time and finesse to make

      How well known are you in our community?
      I believe I am pretty well known on the server because I like to help people when they need help or where they die and can’t get to their stuff without help. I’ve been playing on the server since the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. I’m also friends with KrAzY21 in IRL.

      Anything you wanna add?
      I would like to add some smaller EXP farms in the spawn for new players who have not yet set up their bases and do not yet have their own EXP farm to repair equipment. I would also like to add some suprice games that take place two to three times a month and give the top three players some prize from loot boxes or a cash prize (in minecraft and not in IRL).

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      Hi there Deni,

      Aplogies for the long wait time. We have discussed quite heavily with the staff team and have decided to deny your application.
      If you would like a more detailed breakdown about why we have decided to deny your application, please contact me on discord.

      We still thank you for your interest and hope to see you in game!

      ~ Red

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