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      Jayson BoodJayson Bood

      Hi, im Jayson, a player from RBMC as you might know. I saw that staff applications were open, so i thought lets give it a shot. I think i can be staf because i can very well know when someone is going too far i have been staff on a little bit smaller servers with great happiness of the server owners. I know very well when someone is x raying because i have made tha tdumb mistake before. i dont have to say much more but i hope you guys can take me into condsideration.


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      Saph OwnerSaph Owner

      Good evening Jayson,
      Before we handle your staff application we would like to suggest you to use the application template. you can find it here:


      Answering every question fully and with as much information as possible gives us a good idea of how good of an addition you would be in our team.
      Please make sure to use the template next time!
      Have a good evening, kind regards.

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        Jayson BoodJayson Bood

        Yeah i was wondering where to find it, but thanks!

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