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      Who are you and where are you from. Tell us a bit about yourself:

      Hello all! My name is Tyler or more commonly referred to as “Toza” on the Server and communications server and I am from Britain! I am 14 (please hear what I have to say) and have been playing this server for a while now, I joined this server with many of my friends, who still play one of which is a staff member known as “Remi” or “Sara”. Some of my interests are, Minecraft obviously, Musical Theatre and writing. Even though I am 14, I do believe I have the experience and maturity to be member of the staff team here, I have worked in several different minecraft server’s as a member of the staff team so I understand the responsibility they hold and how important they are in keeping the community fair, just and peaceful. I also have a little kitten called grace! 😀

      What interests you in our server?:

      Well what interests in the royal blue crew server is the everything has been setup! I have played and worked on many SMP’s before but nothing like this, I really enjoy the fact that we have an economy and it gives us the opportunity to grow in the server and expand on the standard minecraft gameplay. Another interest I have in this server is how much creativity each player has, I have had the chance to explore several builds across the server’s map and each one absolutely blow’s my mind, each player on this server is so creative, sweet, caring and supportive which is such an amazing thing to have especially now of all times during a world pandemic.

      What is your In-game MC name?

      My in-game name is “ItsToza”

      What is your discord name?

      My Discord username is Toza#1775

      What contributions can you add to the staff team?

      I believe I would be able to help any player who requires it, this server like stated before as such an amazing community and I think if I were to be able to join the RBC’s staff team I would be able to help those in the server who need it! I am also very active on the server, coming on early morning and staying on the late in the nights which means I can help those who need it when the server is not as active. Another contribution I can bring to RBC’s staff team is some more joy and some laughter!

      How well known are you in our community?

      I am not very well known however I’ve spoken to many staff members and made a few friends within RBC!

      Anything you wanna add?

      I have a very flexible schedule and available everyday, even if I am unable to be on the server I am willing to help players on RBC’s communication’s server. I have so far loved the time I have been able to spend on RBC’s server and hope that I will be able to share that with others on the server as well as enjoy the time I am going to be spending here! If you feel I am not fit for this position for any reason, I will respect your decision! If the issue is my age, I understand completely! Thank so much for reading my application and I look forward to your response!

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      Saph Owner

      Good Evening Tyler,
      Me and the rest of the staff team have read your application thoroughly and have come to a final decision.
      We mostly uphold a standard in our server of high maturity and social aptitudes. Though we put a age gap on our templates this is in no way a requirement, more a guideline as with age usually follows maturity. You are well spoken and seem to know your way around so the RBC has decided to grant you a chance on our server as a staff member!
      We hope you will uphold your promises of maturity and use this chance wisely. There are a couple of actions that need to be taken before you become a full part of our staff group which is as follows. At first we will assign you the rank of Helper. This rank is mostly cosmetic but shows people you are on the right path to becoming staff.
      During your time as Helper you will have all the chance to show us, and the community, your commitment to the server. Do this well and it won’t be long before you become a Mod. From there on out its only upwards.

      You will also be added to our seperate RBMC Staff Discord server. We will grant you the Helper role there too which allows you to voice your concerns and opinions in a general chat that anyone can see. The higher your rank. The more chats will become available to you.

      As a helper you will essentially become the voice of the community. People can tell you suggestions or ask questions, and you will be able to forward those to us in the respective Discord chats.

      Once you’ve read my reply i’d like you to DM me on discord. Then i will give you your roles.
      Have a good rest of your evening!


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