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      Who are you and where are you from. Tell us a bit about yourself:

      Im Jasper, im 17 years old and im form The Netherlands ( Castricum ) on school am now in Havo 4, my dreamjob is to be a teacher and helping kids. i have a big passion for minecraft and Dancemusic, i produced music as a ghostproducer for 3 years and i make music for myself 5 years. i played minecraft since 2012 and i like to build and having fun with outhers.

      What interests you in our server?:

      the main thing is the kindness in the server, ppl are really friendly it feels like one big family, also i like the events in the server and the buildings. i’m part of Switzeland in the server and i love to help other ppl in Swiss to build there home or to help them with other things.

      What is your In-game MC name?


      What is your discord name? (plus discriminator [#1234])

      JSPR Music#2297

      What contributions can you add to the staff team?

      I’m always happy, listen to other and really helpfull, also i can help with server events.

      How well known are you in our community?

      not really well know, i play now for 3 monthes on this server, but in those monthes i’m really active ( play mostly 5 hours a day ) so i learnd a lot of new ppl in the community.

      Anything you wanna add?

      not really, i hope i’ll be a new helper but I wish everyone this chance

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      Hi there JSPRGaming!

      Thank you for your application. Currently, all open positions have been fulfilled in the staff team.Altough we will keep your application in our minds, we are denying your application for now. Keep an eye open when the applications open up again. We will announce it loud and clear in the discord and ingame!

      We thank you for your interest and hope to see you ingame soon!

      Greetings, Red

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      Thx Red for your reaction, i’ll keep my eyes open : )

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