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    Well. Maintenance is over. After transferring to a new host, more and more issues kept popping up as more players joined the server.
    After performing an immediate emergency-maintenance, we switched to ANOTHER host, and everything seems stable now. Please let us know on the forums if the experience is different (worse OR better).

    Added better hacking detections. (Nobody likes hacking. This is why we have added a few detection methods that will automatically counter any suspicious behavior from players)
    Added McMMO! (Upon popular demand, we have added the plugin McMMO
    AdventCalender has been added. Go to spawn to get a new present everyday!
    Playermarket has been added. You can now sell items by putting them at up for auction at the market. Use the command /market to open the market. And command /market add to add something to the market. By default you can add 3 items on the market. Donator roles can add more.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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