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    Hello everyone!

    Its been a long one. And im quite proud of this update. We added everything. Lets start of with the main change though.


    We added a hub/lobby world.

    Now when you join, you get put in the lobby world. From here you can choose to go to the survival world (1.15 as of now), the archives (1.14 as of now) or the creative world (plot based creative building!). Our next plans are going to be minigames such as spleef.



    Sadly, we had to create a new world to provide the new generation for all of you. This world in particular offers a better generation (more mountains / better terrain) and BEES. You are gonna like what Saph did with this one.



    The archive is the 1.14 world you all have been playing. The inventory will be synced with the survival 1.15 world. Which means you can transfer items over from different worlds. Useful for if you decide to go to the latest world.

    Keep in mind, archives still run on the latests servers. This means the compatibility with the client is 100% stable, but the world might suffer for it. We take back-ups frequently. But the more time and updates progesses. We might be forced to shut a world down (or have them running on an older version). Don’t be worried as of now, we see minimal issues with the 1.14 world as of now.


    Our future plans with archived world:

    We are planning to create a new world for every mayor release. And keep the old world in archive until eventually they do not get used anymore. If world do not get used anymore. We will make then accessible, but not playable. Don’t worry! We don’t plan on doing this to the 1.14 world anytime soon!



    We added creative! We have added plots you can claim and build. By default you will have 1 plot you can build in. Go over to the creative world, fly to an empty plot and use the command /plot claim to claim your perfect spot. Would you like to have world edit for your plot? We added the option for legend donators or higher. You also get more plots with higher tiers.


    Currency and economy

    As you all know, the economy on the server was busted because of various exploits. To solve this, we introduce the following: Player markets. Instead of us deciding the price of every items, we only introduce a way to get more currency in the game. Then this currency can be used to spend on player-markets. Which means, players decide the price of items and can compete with each other and not the servers prices.

    Sadly, because of the abuse we had to reset the money on the server. We have given players a default amount based on their previous income as shown on the following table

    15000 for everyone higher then 1m

    12500 for everyone under 1m

    10000 for everyone under 500.000

    5000 for everyone under 150.000

    1000 for everyone under 50.000

    100 at spawn for new users.

    We have added ATM machines as a way to get more currency into the game. You can check them out at spawn in the survival world.

    Now! The actual “fixed and improvements”

    • We had to nerf MCMMO. Players were gaining levels like they were candies in a candy store. And some goes for diamond and other items. We nerfed the drop rates and the amount of xp gathered. PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW THIS AFFECTS YOUR EXPIERENCE. We might buff/nerf more is anything is out of balance now.
      • We also added nametags back in the rewards.
    • Lootboxes have been changed into crates. Instead of getting a lootbox. You now get a key you can use at the crates in spawn in our latest survival worlds. (would you like to play in the archived worlds? No worries! Just hop over once. Grab your reward. And go back to the archive world!)
    • Voting for the server is now only possible on the latest survival world to stop people from getting double rewards (sorry <3)
    • We added a new marriage plugin! We need to find some priests for them. Getting married gives some buffs to both players (like teleport to each other, private chat, small-xp boosts and some other things)
    • Added bee’s to the animals-crate
    • Added different tips/announcers on every world
    • Changed clearlagg timer to 30 minutes. Because it was still on 15 minutes apparently
    • We added death chests for every player. Default is 10 minutes. This means clearlagg cant delete your items anymore.
    • We added the spam filter back in. But loosend it a bit.
    • We made a new tab-list. Its cool
    • We added names and death to every player-name (above their head)
    • We changed the loaded chunks from 5 to 20. As 1.15 is way better at loading chunks. Enjoy further sight!
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