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    Hello!! My name is Oliver Korshaugen I am Norwegian and is kinda known for not having a mic!

    My timezone is GMT+2

    I want to become moderator because I want to improve the server and I love the server so god damn much!

    I have been moderator on many discord servers but only one minecraft server

    I can be active for most of the time!

    and I have a feeling I’m not gonna get it because if the timezone but I wouldn’t really care!!


    Hi there! I am Oliver Korshaugen!
    My minecraft username: OliverKHnice

    I am a boy from norway and likes memes, anime and I love going to other countries.

    I live in Norway 😀

    I want to be mod because all my friends say I would be a great mod on any server. and I love this server. <3

    My friends say im very kind, helpfull and that im good at explaning things.

    I was a mod on the hive in 2015, but I never played anymore on the server so I got banned (for 1 year) I was mod because evrybody on the server said I was too kind.

    I can be active on the server almost the whole day because when I have school I cant be online.

    Hopefully youll make me mod and bye!!



    I want to make some changes so I am making a Moderator Application edit 🙂


    !? I realized i forgot the why I would be a good moderator but ill do it here 😛

    I dont wanna answer the question because I dont like being ego, but I would say I am good at solving things and I have a sharp eye (Saph said I have a sharp eye xD) and I love using commands!! I didnt want to say so much here because I dont wanna be ego


    Merged. Double post

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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