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    Hi there! I am Peter
    My minecraft username is: TheKillerPeet

    I am Peter, 25 years old and currently occupied with a 40 hour job on a Servicedesk.
    Besides my job i do Judo and Airsoft. I am a disciplined person.
    What i like to do in my spare time is either tech on my airsoft equipment or playing games.

    I am in the GTM +1 Timezone (Amsterdam)

    I want to give it a try to help out the nice community on the RBMC.
    To help the other mods is what i want to do.
    For the rest i see no reason to be a mod on the server.
    I hate mod power abuse, even when it is tempting, i won’t falter for that kind of things.

    What makes me a good mod?
    Rules are rules, they need to be guarded by others so we keep the nice community.
    I’m harsh at points to be a little to strict with rules. (Yes i learned that from 10 years referee experience)
    But i can also warn people before giving kicks or when really needed a ban.

    I never moderated on a mc server, i have been an admin on a game a really long time ago.
    If people know Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, i have been a moderator there for around 5 years.

    I can be active during evening hours during the week when i feel decent and not too tired after work.
    During regular weeks i teach judo on Tuesday evening, thats where i can’t be on and Saturday and sundays i can’t be online a lot either because of either referee or Airsoft.


    Hey peet. Glad to see you applied. Your application was forwarded to the staff team who all quickly decided you are a good addition to the team. So congratulations! You’re accepted.

    Next time you’re in game contact me or Red and we’ll get you your role.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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