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      Hello epic gamers, I wish to become a fellow staff member, particularly a moderator, now allow me to go through with a list answering the questions on the template, in order;

      1: I am Skylor Williams, 16 years old (16.5 in November), And I am a common player from the United States and consider myself an avid games player

      2: My interests are is to Just play survival Minecraft but with a bunch of cool people and with a little extra added to the gameplay (Like the /bal and market system) to add more interactivity among me and my fellow players, as well as streaming the server on Twitch and uploading semi-regular videos of those streams to YouTube

      3: ProRookie101

      4: ProRookie#2514

      5: More Hands = Less work for all of you, Plus a chill dude who can be trusted to quickly and fairly enforce the rules of the server!

      6: I would say decently known but I don’t wanna accidentally toot my own horn and sound arrogant, I’ve been playing since a couple of months prior to 2021 starting, but I do enter ocassional hiatuses but I do always return :>

      7: N/A

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      Saph Owner

      Good day ProRookie,

      The staff team has gone through your applications and have gotten to a decision, due to your playtime (4 hours) which is far under our recommended 25 hours, we’d like you to gather more playtime and interact more with the community before we will consider an approval. If you can do that for us feel free to re-apply again at another date.
      Hope to see you around and have a good day!

      -Owner Saph

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        Oh damn really sorry about that thought i had alot more lol, is there a way i can check my own playtime?

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