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      Who are you and where are you from. Tell us a bit about yourself:

      Hi my name is Albert and I am currently 18 years of age. Im born in California and raised in Georgia. I’m in the twelfth grade and will graduate in May of 2021 and I plan on majoring in Music and minoring in Computer Science in college. I really enjoy hanging out around the server and helping people out when I can.

      What interests you in our server?

      I really love the fact that everyone is so friendly and welcoming on the server. It’s very nice to be able to play a server that isn’t full of toxicity and hate. I also really like the combination of plugins on the server. They make the game fun and gives me something to work for whether it be maxed out stats or money. I also like how reliable the staff is. I had an incident where some of my items disappeared after a server crash and Legishh was able to help me get most of my items back in no time.

      What is your In-game MC name?

      XVerticalZoom – People call me zoom or vertical and I’m fine with whatever.

      What contributions can you add to the staff team?

      Though I am still learning myself, I’ve learned a very good amount about the server and how it works. With the knowledge I have I can help out the players in any way they need. I like helping out other players whenever I can bc it always feels satisfying to do so. I’m on the server quite a lot and in the time that i’m on I often notice that there aren’t any staff members online for a good amount of time mainly because they are busy. So in those times where the other staff members aren’t online to monitor and help the players out, I can keep watch until more staff has time to get on. You can count on me to be there when nobody else is around.

      How well known are you in our community?

      Because I am a relatively new player(2.88d) to the server I’m not fully acquainted with everyone just yet. However I have made many friends and have helped a few people out when they needed certain blocks or even how to navigate the server and its commands.

      Anything you wanna add?

      This server is very fun to be on and I look forward to seeing it grow even more.

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      Hi there Zoom!

      On behalve of the entire staff team, I would like to congratulate you on becoming an RBMC staff member! We will contact you on discord shortly to go through the details!

      We’ll definitely be in touch!

      ~ Red

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