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    Hi there everyone!

    Now now, don’t you worry about the title too much. The 1.16 update is coming along nicely. We have to change alot on the server-side to make things compatible, but are optimistic in a release soon! However, we want to make the 1.16 update feel special and solve a few server problems while we are at it.

    First of all I would like to ask all of you to:

    • Start clearing out your valuables from the current Nether
    • Dont log out in the Nether anymore (To prevent later issues like suffocating and/or losing items)

    However, there are a few things we want to discuss with the community. We’ve broken it down onto 3 points:

    We’ve made a form, so you guys can give your opinions! It can be found at the bottom of the page. Please read the following 3 topic points!


    This is quite a big deal for us. At the start of the server we introduced mcmmo. Adds a bit of flavor to the server and gives a sense of accomplishment in small tasks. We are NOT removing mcmmo, so don’t worry.

    The problem with the current state of mcmmo is that we chose a classic version of mcmmo. This means it just gets compatibility updates and no actual features or new options.
    This was picked not knowing that there is an updated, newer, fancier, (faster), and more polished official mcmmo. This new version has things like sound effects, progress bars (boss bars), new effects, new abilities, basically a “more awesome” mcmmo.

    Here comes the hard part: its not compatible/doesn’t scale properly with the current “classic” mcmmo.

    If we want to bring the new MCMMO over, this would mean a reset of all current levels.

    But Red, you have all the current levels. Couldn’t you just transfer them over to the new mcmmo?

    Well. Yes. We do have all the data and levels. But to “reimburse” those levels bring other problems: we don’t know the scale, OPness and general feel of the new mcmmo. For example: A classic MCMMO lvl 1000 mining could mean a lvl 3000 in the new mcmmo, or maybe a lvl 100. Which means suddenly you could be very OP, or feel like you’ve done it for nothing. A reset would be better for people in this case as they can accomplish new goals (similar, but new ones).

    Could we try to give some levels after we have a better understanding of the scale? Yes, again. But we don’t know how long this will take. And some people might already have alot of levels invested at that point, making the extra levels feel pointless (or even skipping ahead).

    In my honest opinion? I would go for a reset. The new MCMMO has many awesome features that are definitely worth checking out.  (Progress bars, skills, better guiding thtrough levels and many rewards). (check out the link to the plugin page here)

    Maybe you have a different idea? Answer in the form!

    The Archive Server

    The archive server is in a… weird place right now. The archive server barely gets any use because many players choose the active surival world to play on. Leaving the archive server empty, barren and forgotten.

    (Not to mention the sync-problems we are having with player inventories)

    We are not trying to get rid of the archive server. However, we do have some other options were you as a community might benefit from. Given the following options:

    • Should we make archive a secondary lobby, with portals to all worlds?
    • Remove archive altogether and let players prepare well beforehand?
      (“Give and take”, We provide a new version with an updated world, like the new 1.16 nether for example. At the cost of the old world).After the removal of the world, provide a download link on the forums so it won’t be “lost”?.
    • Putting archived world on display? No actual playing, but spectator mode to just roam around in?

    Or are you using the archive world as another place to get resources? Maybe we could add a “mining dimensions” which gets reset every X time. So we always have fresh resources available for the survival world.

    So many options to choose from, please let us know your opinions in the form!

    The current economy problem

    We are starting to notice that the current economy is getting bloated again. Prices are rising on cheap items and players are getting more and more money because of the rise of massive, public, gold farms.

    A while ago we introduced this kind of economy by allowing the player to get currency, but not “trade” it back. Effectively making the market player run.

    However, by the use of these massive farms everyone is starting to get ‘rich’
    New players notice the massive amount of expensive items resulting in them not using the player market.

    How do we plan to tackle this problem? Good question. We don’t know. Let us explain:

    • Removing gold from the shop is not “fun” and will most likely result in mad players.
    • Rising the prices of diamond, lowering the price of gold will probably result in the same thing.
    • Using different items to get currency? Bad idea, what about all the currency already in the game? And the value of gold / diamonds?

    Starting to notice a trend?

    “So what do we do Red? Dropping the “Your problem now player” card is not a nice thing to do.”

    Well, the admin team has come up with a clever and fun solutions, but with a massive downside.

    In real life, you work to get money right? How about a solution were you do certain actions to get currency like peforming a job. Which you can then use on the player market, the same way we have done before.

    So, player jobs! A job could be:

    • Break – by breaking blocks
    • TNTBreak – by breaking blocks with tnt or minecart tnt
    • Place – by placing blocks
    • Kill – by killing any living creature (including players in pvp areas)
    • MMKill – by killing mythic mobs (Boss mobs!?)
    • Fishing – by catching fish
    • Craft – by creating items
    • Eat – by eating food
    • Smelt – by smelting items
    • Brewing – by making potions
    • Enchanting – by enchanting items
    • Repair – by repairing items
    • Breed – by breading animals
    • Tame – by taming animals
    • Milk – for milking cows
    • Dye – for dyeing leather armour
    • Shear – for shearing sheep’s by color
    • Explore – for exploring map

    And many more… creativity is the limit. This could be a cool way to get money. (Check out one of many job-plugins here as an example)
    It does come with a downside: It requires a full reset of the existing economy. As someone with over 100.000 cash, will never have to do a job.

    A hard problem to solve. Thats why we want to solve it, together!

    So thats the deal.

    If you want your voice to be heard, fill in the form below! 

    Thank you for your interest and see you all ingame 🙂

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