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      Who are you and where are you from. Tell us a bit about yourself:

      Hi everybody! My name’s Jakob, but on the server I go by either T IwoRapier or just Two and I’m from Canada! am 12 (turning 13 in August and please hear what I gotta say before just saying no) and I spend a lot of time on the server with my good friend Max/Addiram, I do have a lot of maturity For my age, and have some experience with helping others on the normal survival server! My hobbys aren’t much, just really minecraft and a bit of baseball and volleyball. I also have 2 dogs Named Sabbath and Vader!

      What interests you in our server?:

      I just love the community and how things are made around here! The staff are some of the friendliest people I’ve met online, and I really like the whole economy aspect (jobs, being able to buy stuff ect.) of the server! I’ve seen some amazing builds from amazing people and I would love to see the community grow more!

      What is your In-game MC name?

      It is “TwoRapier0411”

      What is your discord name?

      It is “TwoRapier0411#5934”

      What contributions can you add to the staff team?

      I want to see this server grow, so I will try my hardest to help any new player, whether it be to help them find their way around the server, to helping build houses and get materials! I’ll try to be online as much as I can during the time I have off of school and I am usually available half of the time because I can’t really be on all the time, but I’ll try to be on whenever I’m needed, and I feel like I can also help bring some joy when needed!

      How well known are you in our community?

      I feel like I’m well known as in the survival server, I ran a place called New L’Manburg (I know, how original) and I have made a few friends here, and I wanna meet more!

      Anything you wanna add?

      not really other than I won’t be on as much as much over the school year with high school and everything, but hopefully I can help through the discord while I have free time in class.

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      So I just found a few mistakes on my application, so I’m just gunna address them here, I go by TwoRapier, not T lwoRapier. I am 12. I feel like I’m well known in the survival server, not well known as in the survival server.

      Also I have been active for around a year, and joined around 2 years ago. I took a break from the server because of Kevin The OP Zombie. I was standing afk WITHOUT using /afk at spawn, and a Kevin killed me and took my stuff, including the elytra Tezcro gave to me (btw thx Tez!) which made me take a break for a long time. I feel like I have around 50-150 hours-ish on the server total.

      Sorry for any spelling mistakes that I forgot about!

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