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      Your ingame username: JusRub

      Your discord name + discriminator (the 4 numbers after your name): JusRub#5376

      What did you get banned for? (Explain as full as you can): Camping (and killing HeelApard)

      What happened an why shouldn’t you have been banned? (Be as clear as possible, 100+ words atleast): So I saw HeelApard logged on and I remembered his base was quite close to spawn meaning I could get there quite quickly. Also, I knew his claim was quite small as I was there earlier that day, because I was base hunting (He was offline at the time) So I started travelling from warp market to his base with elytra and a couple rockets (ran out during flight). When I arrived I saw HeelApard was outside his claim so I killed him. After that I’m pretty sure I went back to spawn (didnt warp) and /home’d. Then I logged off and when I logged back on, I was banned.

      Please provide evidence (Imgur link, onedrive link, google drive link or discord attachment):

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