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      Aristotelis GkourtzounisRefuind

      Your ingame username: Refuind

      Your discord name + discriminator (the 4 numbers after your name): Refuind.exe#6568

      What did you get banned for? (Explain as full as you can): building a c*ck (no one was there except the admins)

      What happened an why shouldn’t you have been banned? (Be as clear as possible, 100+ words atleast): first an admin warned me for not reading the rles and spamming, then i was alone i readed the rules and i builded a c*ck im saying it again WHEN I WAS ALONE AND DIDNT know admins were watching!
      then an admin said well i gave you a second chance and then banned me for 15 days!

      Please provide evidence (Imgur link, onedrive link, google drive link or discord attachment)

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