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      Dxinton DxintonDxinton Dxinton

      Your ingame username: Dxinton

      Your discord name + discriminator (the 4 numbers after your name): Dxinton#9770

      What did you get banned for? (Explain as full as you can): I got accused of stealing a beacon

      What happened an why shouldn’t you have been banned? (Be as clear as possible, 100+ words atleast): I got accused of stealing a beacon and i setted it up at my house although i was gonna buy a beacon of my friend toxiclegendz_ he setted it up at my base cause i didnt know how to make the beacon and plus it was his and i was gonna buy it tomorrow

      Please provide evidence (Imgur link, onedrive link, google drive link or discord attachment):

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      Admin TezcroTezcro

      I spoke with Toxic who denies selling you a beacon. He said you gave him all the supplies.

      You broke one beacon 6 days ago from shark/jojo/jas’s base who were not happy about it. You broke another 2 days ago owned by Tieslobezoo.

      Evidence –

      I gave you a chance to admit these things and you did not. If you would have been honest/apologetic I would have considered appealing the ban, but since you are lying further and wasting my time, your appeal has been officially denied.

      FYI – I shared all of this with the rest of the staff team who have acknowledged and concur with my decision. So do not try to contact them directly for better treatment.

      Please read the server rules next time. /rules


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