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    This took so long

    Thank you all for your patience during this rather long and amazing change for the server. We are all very happy to release the following changes.
    Please note that during the following weaks, alot of the newly added plugins and economy reworks are subject to tweaks, buffs and nerfs.
    Also, there are exploits and bugs in the current release. If you find any, please forward them to the staff team. Thank you in advance!

    Huge shout out to the staff team helping us during the maintenance aswell!

    The patch notes of this change:

    Server changes

    • Upgraded the server to 1.16.
    • Updated all plugins to be compatible with 1.16
    • Archive world will be removed at the end of august, please empty the archive world with the new ender chest.
      • Archive has been simplified. It will now ONLY be used to transfer items back to survival, Use the new ender chest to do so.
      • Archive is now in peaceful difficulty.
    • Announcements are formatted nicer now
    • Tab list has been changed (Yes finally….)
    • Nether and End can be claimed again 😉
    • Nether has been reset. Its now 100% awesome.
    • Claim block prices have been changes
      • Purchase: 5
      • Sell: 1
      • You can now get 10 claim blocks per hour to a max of 5 million. (good luck maxing that one out 😊 )
      • Note: Claim blocks were never intended as “long term investment”. This new change will prevent this.
    • Premium donators and higher now have infinite death chest time!
    • Added a new AdminShop
      • Selling only crucial items at a high price.
    • Added jobs!
      • Starting from today, you gain money by peforming specific tasks in a profession.
      • You can have a maximum of 3 professions.
      • You start with the Miner and Builder profession automatically.
      • You can leave a profession at any time, but leaving will result in a penalty loss of 30% experience.
      • Leveling your job will reward more money, the higher you get, the more money for each job!
      • Quests can be done to receive EVEN more currency in your job profession! These jobs cycle and refresh every 3 hours. We will be adding more!
      • There are leaderboard at the job center!
      • /warp jobs

    Plugin changes

    • Improved sitting (chat stays open, sit on carpets and slabs!) “Or do /sit”
    • Removed the old MCMMO, installed NEW MCMMO. (out with the in, in with the.. what?)
    • NEW: Ender chest changes
      • Ender chest now carries over in different servers.
      • Bigger ender chests for donators!
        • Default: 27 slots (Normal chest)
        • Premium rank: 36 slots
        • Legend rank: 45 slots
        • Fabulous rank: 54 slots (Double chest)
        • Custom rank: Open ender chest anywhere with /ec open
      • Watch out for new leveled mobs with more health and damage!
        • Leaving them out for too long might be a bad idea!
        • Letting them kill you is also not advised…


    Server improvements

    • Removed Clearlagg as a test for server improvement
      • yes. The madlads have done it. Clearlagg is gone
    • Slightly upped the mobcap as a test for server improvement.
      • The server FEELS dangerous now. No we haven’t increased the difficulty setting. Its time to git gud

    Other note-able changes

    • New 50% discount using the code 116NEWSPAWN in the shop, lasting 7 days starting from
    • Chunks have to be “rendered” in 1.16, resulting in a decrease of TPS during the first loads. This will happen only the first time. There’s nothing we can do about it but wait and load more chunks to spread out the lagg 🙂

    Future changes

    • A resource world will be added as soon as the required plugin is updated to 1.16.
    • New quests for the job system will be introduced at a later date
    • Creative is still in 1.15. This will be upgraded ASAP.


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