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    Saph OwnerSaph Owner

    Good day ProRookie,

    The staff team has gone through your applications and have gotten to a decision, due to your playtime (4 hours) which is far under our recommended 25 hours, we’d like you to gather more playtime and interact more with the community before we will consider an approval. If you can do that for us feel free to re-apply again at another date.
    Hope to see you around and have a good day!

    -Owner Saph

    in reply to: Rank keys #410
    Saph OwnerSaph Owner

    Hi Gabriel thanks for your suggestion.
    I’d like to remind you that item based benefits Like lootboxes, kit rewards or the prior stick donations are made for usage on the world that’s currently active. Saving up your keys does not give you an added benefit because all youre doing is postponing you getting items you could be using right on activation.

    Essentially you’re stopping yourself from using the benefits yourself instead of using them as they come.

    In short, keys are not intended to be saved up but to be used. Saving them up is personal preference.

    We can not reinstate any keys from the previous world as they are meant to be used in that world only. Lootboxes often change per season/world or at random. And it would also beg the question if we should also reinstate any kits used during your time in that world. It’d cause an overflow of early good items in a new world. It’s simply just not a good idea economy wise and compared to other players.

    With your Fabulous rank however which does last a lifetime you can still redeem new keys every week. I myself suggest to open them as you get them to make full use of any items you might win.

    Have a good evening

    in reply to: Im sending in my staff application #399
    Saph OwnerSaph Owner

    Good evening Jayson,
    Before we handle your staff application we would like to suggest you to use the application template. you can find it here:


    Answering every question fully and with as much information as possible gives us a good idea of how good of an addition you would be in our team.
    Please make sure to use the template next time!
    Have a good evening, kind regards.

    in reply to: A way to PVP #393
    Saph OwnerSaph Owner

    You mean like a /PVP?
    kind of like in terraria how if two people enable it they can attack each other?

    in reply to: Banned #392
    Saph OwnerSaph Owner

    Before we start, the choice was made by Legishh, a head-admin not the owner. The Owner is me.
    Other than that we have a ban appeal template that i’d like to request you to use next time so all the proper information is available to us.

    The swamp mining exploit is very well known, common. and easy to identify. Your argument against that “if someone were to strip mine right to diamonds then it’s proof they are x-raying.” immediately becomes faulty the moment its multiple stripmines adjacent to each other all leading over to diamonds. Proof:

    Also in the last picture which shows how you “covered up” your tracks (which becomes faulty when we have blockloggers,) shows us you were aware of these repercussions and knew this wasn’t allowed. Yet you continued to do it.

    The server has rules, and we expect you to follow them. Your disagreement is allowed. But breaking the rules is not.
    You are more than welcome to play in a server where diamonds become as much worth as dirt, but that isn’t here.

    You will not be appealed of this ban and thus your request is denied.
    This rule has been active since the moment the exploit became public.
    Your claims about us not being able to ban you simply because there might not be a rule YET is also a destructive mindset i reccomend you to stray away from.
    Our choice is always final. and we can deem anything as exploitive if we want. Abuse a system instead of report it and expect another ban.
    On top of that your claim about my server having the “worst admin and mods” ever seems highly subjective and is an opinion you may carry, but is in no way fact. and will in no way help your appeal.
    Take a breather, a chill pill if you will. and possibly try appealing again. with the right template this time.

    Have a good evening and enjoy sitting out your time
    Kind regards,

    in reply to: ItsToza’s Helper Application c: #388
    Saph OwnerSaph Owner

    Good Evening Tyler,
    Me and the rest of the staff team have read your application thoroughly and have come to a final decision.
    We mostly uphold a standard in our server of high maturity and social aptitudes. Though we put a age gap on our templates this is in no way a requirement, more a guideline as with age usually follows maturity. You are well spoken and seem to know your way around so the RBC has decided to grant you a chance on our server as a staff member!
    We hope you will uphold your promises of maturity and use this chance wisely. There are a couple of actions that need to be taken before you become a full part of our staff group which is as follows. At first we will assign you the rank of Helper. This rank is mostly cosmetic but shows people you are on the right path to becoming staff.
    During your time as Helper you will have all the chance to show us, and the community, your commitment to the server. Do this well and it won’t be long before you become a Mod. From there on out its only upwards.

    You will also be added to our seperate RBMC Staff Discord server. We will grant you the Helper role there too which allows you to voice your concerns and opinions in a general chat that anyone can see. The higher your rank. The more chats will become available to you.

    As a helper you will essentially become the voice of the community. People can tell you suggestions or ask questions, and you will be able to forward those to us in the respective Discord chats.

    Once you’ve read my reply i’d like you to DM me on discord. Then i will give you your roles.
    Have a good rest of your evening!


    Saph OwnerSaph Owner

    Good evening Niels.
    We can’t handle your appeal as long as we dont have all needed information. Please follow the ban appeal template and gives us a more precise description of what has happened and why you believe you should get unbanned. A single sentence explaining you think you shouldntve gotten banned is not enough information.

    Find the template here:

    — BAN APPEAL – Copy me! —

    Also keep in mind we have Logs on every action you’ve taken since RBMC. Here’s some logs showing you removing enchanted books from Broembaloe’s base.
    Make sure to in your next appeal give us the reason why this wasn’t stealing and add some context
    Good luck on your next appeal

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